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Our Services

Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions Inc. is a nationwide supplier of perfusion and Autotransfusion services that offers a consultative approach to deliver innovative Cardiovascular Perfusion services that meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities. In keeping with our dedication to quality service, we adapted The Joint Commission’s standards in our daily business practices.
Whether you need a per diem, short or long-term staffing coverage, we offer a full range of qualified professionals to meet your unique staffing challenges.

We currently offer the following services:​

Cardiopulmonary Bypass & Support Services ​

Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions Inc. team is highly trained, certified, and licensed perfusionists who performed thousands of cardiac perfusion procedures, they are trained on a wide variety of perfusion equipment, cost-effective disposable techniques, and development of new cardiac surgical programs within the parameters and guidelines of governing bodies.

Autotransfusion & Platelet Gel services

According to multiple evidence-based clinical data confirming the detrimental effect of the allogenic blood transfusion, the utilization of autotransfusion/ Autologous platelet-gel technology is growing at an astonishing rate. At Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions Inc. we are pleased to offer Autotransfusion Services, Autologous platelet-gel, as well as continuous data collection, analysis, and development of an efficient blood management program at medical facilities.

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) services ​

Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions Inc. offers consulting services designed to assist with new program development and/or review of existing ECMO programs, including medical training simulations for healthcare professionals looking to extend their knowledge and practice on ECMO procedures. Our Comprehensive ECMO course uses a combination of didactic, practical, and immersive simulated scenarios with variable Mankins and circuit physiology models.


Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions, Inc. offers regional chemotherapy for late-stage and advanced cancers based on the type and location of the cancerous tissue; we provide the following treatment options:​

  • Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion (HIPEC)
  • Hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy (HITHOC)
  • Isolated hepatic perfusion (IHP)

Database Management & Legal and Professional Consultation

Our staff is efficient and knowledgeable in pre-implementation design and cost, including operating room layout, equipment purchase, perfusion/coagulation laboratory tests, perfusion circuit design including minimal prime circuits, reduced hemodilution strategies, and staffing requirements based on estimated annual caseload.

Through our partnership with Integral Perfusion Data Inc. we provide integrated EMR/software solutions to Perfusion programs nationwide. Our team will provide custom Perfusion data and analytics services, helping you to distill complex data into a simple solution, and automate all aspects of your perfusion program, streamlining the operation of your department.

Our Mission

We focus on helping our clients find skilled healthcare professionals for temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire employees. We assist healthcare providers to assemble their team with the most competent and qualified professionals in the job market.

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